UC Berkeley Acceptance Packet

As part of a UC Berkeley Admissions refresh, I was tasked with updating the acceptance packet. New admits receive this packet in the mail with their acceptance letter. This piece is meant to be celebratory and get new admits excited about coming to Berkeley. The social media posters are a huge part of that. They encourage students and their supporters to celebrate and share the moment.
I led all aspects of designing and reformatting the piece, from brainstorming to production and mailing. I worked with our vendor to figure out the best format that would work within budget, production and mailing limitations. We decided to create a custom folder to hold all the items, within the envelope. This format has allowed us to have space for additional inserts from campus partners, such as Housing and Financial Aid, in future packets.
This video shows a mini mockup of one of my original ideas for the piece. It was a variation on an all-in-one mailing piece. I wanted to show the client the different options we could do and how they might function. We didn't end up using this approach, but it was fun to play around with ideas.
Part of Admissions goals was to be more inclusive to students of different backgrounds. These posters were created to help people who speck different languages celebrate their admission to UC Berkeley. These were not included in the Acceptance Packet but they printed versions were available at certain events and online for student to print at home.
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