I Am Berkeley Swag for Newly Admitted Students
Every year, the Admissions team likes to provide some swag to the new admits as part of our strategy to make them excited to come to Berkeley. Admission leadership wanted to use the overarching theme of “I Am Berkeley” for all our Yield Materials to foster connection to the campus community. After my team decided what items we wanted, I worked on multiple concepts that would make a suite of items. Each concept had a slightly different variation, while still aligning with the Berkeley brand and being fun. I leaned into the bright colors and energy from some of our other materials. I also pulled in some of the gif sticker designs I had created for our social media to provide a visual connection across platforms. For some specific events, I created swag with "I Am Berkeley" in different languages.
I also had to work with the Campus Licensing office to get the item artwork approved. There are many rules around trademark placement and what can or cannot be on swag items.
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