Housing Publications -
UC Berkeley
This project was a redesign of Berkeley Housing’s main brochure and fliers for prospective and newly admitted students. It was updated to match the new branding/design direction that I created for the Admissions Office earlier that year. The goal was to give students a cohesive experience from acceptance to arriving on campus.
I started with updating the main brochure. I worked with the SA Comms Senior Designer to brainstorm how to apply the new look in a way that worked for Housing's needs. Like Admissions, Housing wanted to show the facilities and student experience through photography, so I balanced photo quantity and quality with the necessary copy. They also wanted a map to show students where campus Housing was located. We decided to create a fold-out that would allow for a larger map.
Here are some cover layout "sketches" I did during the initial design phase. I wanted to make the brochure fit in with the style set in the Admissions material, but also have it's own distinct focus.
These are additional fliers I created for Housing and Residential Life. These pieces were meant to go into more detail about specific topics. They needed to be a bit more straight forward, but still match the overall look.
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