Peet’s Coffee & UC Berkeley Promotions

In 2017, Peet’s Coffee & Tea partnered with UC Berkeley to promote the opening of new Peet’s locations on campus. As a member of the UC Berkeley Student Affairs Communications team, I was asked to help design event and promotional collateral for the partnership. Although exciting, the ask presented the challenge of merging two distinct, robust brands for one audience: UC Berkeley students and staff. The university brand, specifically Cal Dining, has a bright color palette and uses vector graphics mixed with food photography. Peet’s brand colors are dark and earthy, and centers on material photography. As I began executing collateral, I focused on maintaining the vibrancy of Cal Dining while highlighting the quality of Peet’s products. This project is ongoing, is definitely one of my most interesting — and challenging —  projects to date. Images below are a mix of self-photographed, client provided and stock.

This slider shows a sample of Peet’s branding and a sample by UC Berkeley and Cal Dining’s branding. Following that are examples of my work for various partnership promotions.