Rebrand A Band: Tall Tall Trees

This was part of a series at Paste Magazine called Rebrand a Band. As the design intern, I was given the task of rebranding a band and creating a cohesive style for that group. I chose to rebrand the indie-folk outfit, Tall Tall Trees. This group from New York City, is centered around Mike Savino and his “banjotron 5000.” Savino takes the humble banjo to another universe with his inventive techniques and effects, including bowing and drumming on the head.

This unique band needed an equally distinctive brand. Researching their style at the time, I found that they didn’t have a strong identity. I wanted to create a simple, recognizable logo that would connect to the music, not just the band name. As the banjo is the star of this ensemble, it is a no brainer that the logo should take the form of a banjo. With an updated color palette, text, and merchandise, come together to give this cool group a style and something that can be used across all their materials.