Golden Bear Orientation T-shirts

This year UC Berkeley changed their new student orientation model from a series of summer orientations to one orientation week at move-in.  This was quite a shift after many years of the old model.  With this change, the Student Affairs Communications team had to create communications and material to guide students and parents through this new orientation.

My piece of this puzzle was to design t-shirts for the GBO staff.  The GBO materials were meant to be school spirited and friendly so new students feel like part of the campus. I was inspired by the iconic Cal flags that are used during pep rallies and school events.  I also collaborated with Under Armour, the new Cal Athletics partner.  They sponsored these shirts and allowed me to utilize their new Cal Athletics brand marks, such as the walking bear.  Below are some initial and trial designs, along with some mockups, and then the final shirt on one of the orientation leaders.

(The photo above was originally taken by my team member Naho Yoshida)